Jaxe, your XML editor
Jaxe, your XML editor
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Author: Damien Guillaume

When creating a new document with Jaxe, it is necessary to choose a config file.

Jaxe's config files are used to specify the GUI to edit XML documents with Jaxe, for a given XML language. This covers informations about the XML language, saving options, menus (especially to insert the elements), display types for the elements, possible exports, and all the strings used in the interface, depending on the user language.

Config files are located in Jaxe's config directory, and their names end with "_config.xml". Old Jaxe config files (before Jaxe 3.0) had a name ending with "_Jaxe_cfg.xml". They can be converted to the new version with an export menu in the File menu.

It is possible to open an XML schema with Jaxe and to "export" to a config file. This automatically creates a config file that will make edition in Jaxe possible for the schema, but the automatic guesses for the display types are often bad or insufficient : this export should not be considered a method to create config files, but it could be used to start the creation of a config file from a particularly complex schema.

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