Jaxe, your XML editor
Jaxe, your XML editor
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Author: Damien Guillaume

Element definition

  • Export

    A possible export for the documents, using one or several successive XSLT transforms. An export to an HTML file will make an "HTML preview" menu appear in Jaxe's Windows menu. The other exports are available in Jaxe's File menu.

  • XSL file

    An XSL file to use for the transform (XSLT 1.0). Must generate XHTML or HTML for the HTML output, and XSL-FO for the PDF output.

  • Parameter

    A stylesheet parameter. There are magic names that make Jaxe automatically fill up values before the transform (these values cannot otherwise be obtained from XSLT) :

    • jaxe-fichier-xml

      The path to the XML file

    • jaxe-uri-xml

      The URI to the XML file

    • jaxe-fichier-xsl

      The path to the XSL file

    • jaxe-uri-xsl

      The URI to the XSL file

Element tree

Element tree under Exports :

  • Exports (Export+)
    • Export @name @output (XSL file+)
      • XSL file @name (Parameter+)
        • Parameter @name @value
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