Jaxe, your XML editor
Jaxe, your XML editor
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Author: Damien Guillaume

Menus defined in config files are displayed above Jaxe's text area. They are not mixed with Jaxe's menubar, which is above (on top of the screen on Macs).

Element definition

  • Menu

    A main menu, possibly containing sub-menus.

  • Insertion menu

    A menu to insert an XML node at the cursor position. The node name and the node type (element by default) must be specified. It is also possible to specify a keyboard shortcut, with the corresponding key.

  • Function menu

    Menu to execute a function with its Java class. The only predefined function in Jaxe is jaxe.FonctionNormal, which is used to remove all the styles in a text area. Other functions can be added as plugins.

  • Parameter

    A parameter to pass to the function.

  • Separator

    Menu separator.

Element tree

Element tree under Menus :

  • Menus (Menu+)
    • Menu @nom (Menu | Insertion menu | Function menu | Separator)+
      • Insertion menu @name @node type (element|instruction|comment) @shortcut
      • Function menu @name @class @shortcut
        • Parameter @name @value
      • Separator
      • Menu
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