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Jaxe, your XML editor
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Documents structure

Author: Damien Guillaume

XPAGES documents have a root element, XPAGES set, that is used in all the documents as a first level element. Under this element, the following elements can be found : Informations, Page, Ref. XPAGES document and XPAGES set.

Inside a page, sections can be created with the Section element. This element has a title, a role that specifies the meaning of the section and can result in a different display for each function, and an importance that can be used to highlight the section if it is important.

The text is added inside paragraphs, with the Paragraph element. It is easy to insert a new paragraph with the command-P or control-P shortcut in Jaxe.

It is possible to create several contributions, each one containing an XPAGES XML file and the associated files (images, Java applets, ...). Each contribution corresponds to a folder whose name is the same as the label given in the Informations block in the XML file. This folder contains the XML file and the associated files.

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