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Author: Damien Guillaume

XPAGES can be used for many applications, but it is especially handy to create online courses, and was created in this context. For these reasons, the language contains elements specific to the definition of exercises, even though these elements might not be useful outside of the context of online courses.

There are two types of exercises : the question-answer type (Exercise element), and the quiz type (Quiz element). In both cases, an exercise can have a title (title attribute), an indication of the difficulty (Difficulty element), an indication of the time necessary to complete the exercise (Time element), and questions (Question and Quiz question elements).

Each question can have terms (Terms element) and one or more helps (Help element). Questions of type question-answer have a solution (Solution element) and a number of points that can be granted if the answer is correct (Points element). Questions of the quiz type have possible answers (Quiz answer element), each answer being either right or wrong (correct attribute), with the text of the answer (Answer text element) and a comment which will be displayed to the user should he choose this answer, for instance to explain why the answer is wrong (Answer comment element).

In Jaxe, solutions for evaluation exercises are not added to HTML when the "public website" is generated. They are added when the "production website" is created. WebJaxe always creates the production website. To create a public website from a contribution in WebJaxe, the contribution has to be exported and opened with Jaxe. In this way, it is possible to create, from the same XML files, a website for students, and another one for tutors for an elearning program.

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