Jaxe, your XML editor
Jaxe, your XML editor
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Definition of an XML language

Author: Damien Guillaume

An XML language is defined formally, so that an automatic syntax check is possible. This formal description includes the names of the elements in the language, the allowed element nesting, the order of the elements and their attributes (attributes being optional or required).

Jaxe makes the creation of XML documents easier by using the language rules to suggest elements to insert wherever possible. This makes the creation of valid documents (i.e. conforming to the language rules) much easier than with a simple text editor. This introduction is general for all XML languages, but each end user has to learn one or more specific XML languages which are not detailed here.

On top of the files describing XML languages (the schemas), Jaxe uses configuration files to define the menubar and the way to display elements. These files are located in the config directory, and their names end with _config.xml.

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