Jaxe, your XML editor
Jaxe, your XML editor
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Launching Jaxe

Author: Damien Guillaume

Jaxe requires Java 1.5 or later. To know what version of Java is installed, type java -version in the command line.

Jaxe is launched in different ways depending on the OS. On MacOS, it is done with a double-click on the application, which is located in the Jaxe directory. On Windows, Jaxe is launched with the Jaxe.exe executable or with the run.bat script, and on UNIX with the run.sh script. These scripts can be modified to define a default configuration file.

On Windows it is possible to run the script assocXMLJaxe.bat to associate the ".xml" extension to Jaxe. This lets you open XML files directly by double-clicking on them. This script only works if you have the rights to change file associations, so you have to be an administrator.

On MacOS X you can choose Jaxe rather than another program to open an XML file with a double-click by choosing the "Get Info" menu for an XML file, choosing Jaxe in "Open with", and clicking on "Change all" so that all XML files open with it.

It is also possible to launch Jaxe with the scripts jaxe.bat and jaxe.sh, by adding the name of a file to open, for instance by typing ./jaxe.sh test.xml.

Jaxe loads XML files in memory, and it can be difficult when they contain lots of large images. It is possible to increase the memory alloted to Jaxe, depending on the OS:

Jaxe uses by default the OS language, but in Jaxe 3.4 only French, English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Spanish have been defined. If the OS is using another language, Jaxe is using French. To change the language used, just add the option -Duser.language=xx after the command java in the scripts, or as the value for the Info.plist key VMOptions on MacOS X. xx is a code corresponding to the language, for instance en for English.

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