Jaxe, your XML editor
Jaxe, your XML editor
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Author: Soufiane Ayadi
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Edit a menu strings

All the texts (also called strings) may have to be changed in the interface created with the configuration. Either to improve readability without having to change the schema, or to provide an interface in another natural language for the same schema. Texts may also have to be provided for a set of languages, so that users can edit the same documents, with the same Jaxe configuration, but with an interface entirely in their native language.

Element definition

  • Configuration description

    Short line to describe the configuration, displayed in the dialog to create new documents with Jaxe.

  • Menu strings

    Strings associated to a menu, identified with its name

  • Title

    A title

  • Documentation

    A documentation

  • Element strings

    Strings associated to an XML element. Used to display the element, but also for this element's insertion menu if no string was defined for the menu.

  • Title for value

    A title to use for an element or attribute value

  • Attribute strings

    Strings associated to an attribute

  • Export strings

    Strings associated to an export

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