Jaxe, your XML editor
Jaxe, your XML editor
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Author: Soufiane Ayadi
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Create a new menu

Menus defined in config files are displayed above Jaxe's text area. They are not mixed with Jaxe's menubar, which is above (on top of the screen on Macs).

The interface

The list on the right displays xml elements from the XML schema. These elements can be filtered through the text field. When opening an existing config file, the list shows only the remaining elements

Element definition

  • New Menu

    Create a main menu, possibly containing sub-menus.

  • Menu insertion

    Using the 'Add' and 'Remove' buttons, you can add or remove an insertion menu. The node name and the node type (element by default) must be specified. It is also possible to specify a keyboard shortcut, with the corresponding key.

  • Function menu

    Menu to execute a function with its Java class. The only predefined function in Jaxe is jaxe.FonctionNormal, which is used to remove all the styles in a text area. Other functions can be added as plugins.

  • Parameter

    A parameter to pass to the function.

  • Edit the texts

    You can edit the texts of selected menu by clicking on the button Edit texts. Set title and documentation for each language (pre-defined before).

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